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An orientation programme was organized for the teachers of Grade XI on 2nd June 2023 ensuring that all teachers of the school are promptly and effectively socialised into the school culture and allowing them to seamlessly integrate into the school community.

Pallavi Mishra – Head of Academics and Operations addressed the faculty and emphasized on the teachers to gain an in-depth understanding of the philosophy, culture, classroom management, teaching, and learning practices followed at the MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul School. She also defined roles in their respective area of expertise and used various proven teaching methods, in conjunction with the most up-to-date teaching materials and cutting-edge learning technologies.

Dr. P. V. Satya Ramesh, Sr. Principal oriented the staff to the Senior Secondary Curriculum, the lessons and the academic content to be taught. Ms. Madhavi Motankar, Sr. Secondary Program Coordinator introduced the teaching staff and their exemplary teaching methodology and experiences.

An enriching session on ‘How Should the Senior Secondary Program at MIT VGS be Different from That of Others?’ was conducted by Mr Krishna Mishra, Head- of HR and Marketing. His strategic focus areas were differences in teaching methodology. Employment opportunities and career counseling, personal grooming, internships, entrepreneurship training, communication skills, guest lectures and field visits to analyze their strength, interest, and other important factors.

The entire day was engaging and these learning opportunities encourage learning and continuously share their best practices.

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