Central Academics and Research Team

The Central Academic and Research Team(C.A.R.T) is an initiative to bring in quality in instruction and educational research, curriculum development, training and staff development and to maintain highest academic standards through continuous upgradation and innovation. This aids in helping teachers to facilitate an evolving student population, and increasing educational success for all learners.


Research and Development C.A.R.T promotes a culture of research and enquiry within all its branches, leading to innovation and cutting-edge practices. Current research and innovation relate to the new National Curriculum, Digital Technology and building leadership capacity for research. Teachers, teaching assistants and trainee teachers are encouraged to think innovatively and explore new learner-centred pedagogical approaches to enrich and extend children’s experiences. Research and development are driven by a vision to work and embed an improvement strategy, ensuring high quality outcomes for all children.
Curriculum Design C.A.R.T is responsible for ensuring academic content and coherence, academic quality and standards, as well as preparing programme and module specifications (as appropriate). Curriculum design team of C.A.R.T focuses on the creation of the overall subject and Grade blueprint, mapping content to learning objectives, including how to develop a course outline and build the course. Each learning objective is met with assessment strategies, exercises, content, subject matter analysis, and interactive activities.
Instructional Design C.A.R.T uses psychology and communications to create the most effective teaching plans for students. This is vital because it ensures that students receive instructions in a form that is effective and meaningful to them, helping them better understand the topics and concepts being taught. A plethora of instructional materials are created after a careful understanding of how students learn and what materials and methods will most effectively help individuals achieve their academic goals as well as making the learning experiences appropriate suiting each child’s learning needs.
Training and Staff development As education is a never-ending process, it does not stop after earning a degree and starting a career. Through its regular trainings, C.A.R.T constantly improves teacher skills and helps them become more proficient at their jobs. Through our tailor made professional development programmes teachers are transformed into better and more apt educators by enabling them to create relevant and well suited instructions for today’s students.
Academic Leadership C.A.R.T provides continuous training to academic and administrative leaders with a particular focus on creating a conducive environment for personal and institutional growth and within the framework of the institutional rules. It also helps leaders understand the vision and mission based on science and research data for the organization, setting up creative ideas, doing and providing teamwork.