Beyond Academics

Extra Curricular Activities
For the all-round development of students, a wide range of extra-curricular activities are held, in which all students are encouraged to participate.
Flagship events
Our campuses are vibrant places with various celebrations throughout the year. Junior Robocon and Language Extravaganza are notable examples.
Theme based learning and integration with subjects
We focus on theme-based learning and its integration with every subject. For instance, math as a theme is picked up and linked to all subjects, which ensures better understanding of the concepts and their application.
GAMES ( Indoor & Outdoor)
All campuses have spacious playgrounds suitable for sports such as football, throwball and athletics, along with professional guidance.
Yoga, Martial Arts and Self defence
Yoga and martial arts are taught in a conducive atmosphere, while ensuring safety.
Olympic Size Swimming pool
We are happy to provide this facility in our campuses and children are professionally trained in this important life skill with precautions.
Music Room
We ensure that students are exposed to music with rooms equipped with a variety of instruments.
Dance and Drama studio

We have specially designed and well equipped dance & drama studios, along with professional teachers. This helps the budding stars to master the art of expression, build self-confidence, and enhance communication and body language.

  • Celebrations such as Earth Day and Math Day
  • Fancy dress for pre-primary
  • Elocution
  • Extempore speaking
  • Essay Writing
  • Singing
  • Dance
  • Quiz, Debates etc.
Community Service
We believe in developing a sense of social belonging among students. Each child is inculcated with the values of sharing and caring. Environment conservation techniques such as rainwater harvesting are taught. Students also participate in service activities in orphanages and homes for the physically challenged.