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Senior Secondary is a critical juncture in a student’s life, as they prepare to craft their future in a competitive and challenging world.

MAEER’S MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul School Kothrud organized an orientation program for the Kothrud and Loni Branch students jointly of Grade XI Science and Commerce stream.

The Students Orientation Programme was an initiative to make them get acquainted with how the CBSE curriculum is advantageous, the unique design of the course curriculum, and get to know each other.

The enriching session on ‘How is the Senior Secondary Program at MIT VGS be Different from That of Others?’ was conducted by Mr. Krishna Mishra, Head- of HR and Marketing. Employment opportunities and Career counseling, personal grooming, internships, Entrepreneurship training, Communication skills, Guest lectures, and Field visits to analyze their strength, interest, and other important factors. It was a thought-provoking and informative session.

High energy and extremely fun Zumba session left the students feeling energetic and great afterwards. Ms. Madhavi Motankar introduced the importance and benefits of types of meditation and conducted a guided meditation session on self-reflection and self-introspection which was very much appreciated by students who participated and had positive feedback after having a calm-down session. She threw light on the “Understanding of Co-scholastic Curriculum” with a unique overall development package provided at MIT VGS. It was followed by a session on the importance of ‘Grooming and Image management’ by Dr. Latika Shanbhag, Commerce Faculty.

The students acquired information for a successful transition, including all the information about the course, teachers, classroom, critical thinking, and research skills. It was the best opportunity for the students to make the most of their time making new friends and expanding their networks. Overall, it was a fruitful experience for the students.

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