Playing with teddy bears and other stuffed animal friends allows our children to practice the life skills they are constantly learning, role-playing with their stuffed animals and teaching them how to perform tasks like brushing their teeth and getting dressed for school. The Preschool division of MIT VGS Loni hosted “TEDDY BEAR’S PICNIC PARTY” with zest. Teddy Bear Day is usually a lot of fun. On a wet Friday morning, the little tots dressed in bright attire brought their beloved Teddy Bear to school, and the kids enjoyed spending the day together. They sang bear songs, had a special teddy bear feast with their buddies, performed the bear dance, read bear stories, and just snuggled with their bears! Everyone enjoyed their picnic lunches in the garden area with their teddies and pals. Because of this wonderful day, the Pre Primary division teachers planned several enjoyable activities for the children. Teachers made Teddy Bear headbands for all the kids. The day was full of enjoyable games and activities.

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