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The preschool division of MAEER’s Vishwashanti Gurukul School, Kothrud, Pune, held a three-day session on the subject “Good Touch and Bad Touch” as a significant step towards ensuring the safety of the kids. The school counsellor led this programme for the SR KG and JR KG kids with the important goal of raising awareness and teaching the young ones about Good touch and Bad Touch.

In this programme, little ones learned to recognise the “NO TOUCH AREAS,” which are their private parts, as well as to recognise safe people and know who to contact in case of an emergency. They also learned to run away from strangers for their protection and to scream “NO” to unwanted contact from strangers. They were instructed to report such situations to the people they trust or feel secure with. A film on the subject was also displayed while the presentation was being done with the aid of a male doll and a girl doll.

This hands-on lesson enabled young children to identify, safeguard, and defend themselves against such threats at a young age.

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