Science is fun. Science is curiosity. It is a process of investigating and posing questions. MIT VGS Sangli celebrated Science Week from 24 July to 29 July 2023 with fresh and novel enthusiasm. The main objective of celebrating the week was to develop the scientific spirit among the students and to encourage them to adopt scientific methods as a way of life. The school campus buzzed with the message that science is a way of discovering what’s in the universe and how those things work today. The week-long celebration saw the enthusiastic participation of students in a wide range of activities such as Model making, Poster making, informational and scientific conceptual charts with explanations by students, and much more. It began with an exhibition held by science teachers and students. The main attractions of the exhibition were the working models designed by the students. Parents were thrilled to witness an aura of Scientific temperament on the campus. They accoladed the students and teachers for such an initiative.Sa

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