The Christmas celebration at MIT VGS Sangli this year took on a special and heartwarming tone as parents took the lead in organising and executing ‘Jingle and Mingle’- Christmas celebrations The Parent-Led Program, for parents of Grades Nursery to Grade II aimed to foster community and involvement among families, creating a memorable and inclusive experience for all. Months of planning went into organizing the Parent-Led Program, with dedicated committees formed to oversee different aspects of the celebration. Parents volunteered in contributing ideas for decorations, performances, and interactive activities. The collaborative effort fostered a strong sense of unity among the parent community. The highlight of the evening was the heartwarming performances put on by parent volunteers. Feedback from attendees overwhelmingly praised the Parent-Led Program for its creativity, inclusivity, and the sense of community it fostered. Parents expressed gratitude for the opportunity to actively contribute to the celebration, and children enjoyed a Christmas experience enriched by the involvement of their families.

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