Nagpanchami, was celebrated with great enthusiasm and reverene by the Preschool section of MIT VGS Sangli. Nag Panchami is celebrated every year at MIT VGS Sangli in order to create awareness about snakes and their contribution towards nature. Students assembled in the auditorium for the celebration in traditional attire. It was celebrated by showing a short documentary on snakes. Teachers of the Pre-Primary section gave information about the various species of snakes and also talked about the superstitions in society. In addition to the rituals, educational sessions enlightened the students about the ecological importance of snakes and their role in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. This helped dispel myths and misconceptions about snakes while emphasizing the need for their protection. Students also enjoyed the Nag Panchami dance performance by girls. Teachers applied Mehendi on the palm of the students. It was a harmonious blend of religious, cultural awareness and educational enrichment. It provided students with a deeper understanding of the festivals’ significance and promoted a sense of unity and respect for cultural diversity. The event was a successful endeavour in fostering a sense of appreciation for traditional practices while promoting environmental consciousness.

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