MIT VGS Solapur celebrated Marathi Bhasha Diwas on 27 February 2024 to honour the birth anniversary of the esteemed Marathi poet, Vishnu Vaman Shirwadkar, who is more popularly known by his pen name, Kusumagraj. He was not only a poet but also a playwright, novelist✍🏽, and essayist, who made significant contributions to Marathi literature. 📚

The celebration of Marathi Bhasha Diwas is a reflection of the pride that the Marathi-speaking population holds for their language and cultural heritage. The main focus of this celebration was to promote Maharashtrian culture amongst the students of MIT VGS. The students presented various cultural events based on Marathi history, language and literature. They also recited poems and abhangs respectively.

Marathi Bhasha Diwas serves not only as a day to celebrate the linguistic and cultural richness of the Marathi language but also as a reminder of the importance of preserving and promoting regional languages in the face of globalization. It is a day for Marathi speakers🗣 to reflect on the historical journey of their language, its contemporary relevance, and how it can be nurtured and propagated for future generations.

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