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Inter school Competition at MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul CBSE School

A “Science Made Easy” competition can be a fun and educational way to encourage individuals or teams to create content that simplifies complex scientific concepts and makes them more accessible to a general audience.

The primary goal of a “Science Made Easy” competition is to promote science literacy and effective science communication. Encouraging participants to simplify complex topics not only benefits them but also contributes to the broader understanding of science in society.

This interschool competition revolves around the theme “Science & Technology for Global Sustainability” and is designed to encourage young minds to explore innovative solutions to real-world challenges. Students from different schools will participate, fostering healthy competition and the exchange of ideas.

Date: 28/10/2023 (Saturday)

Time: 9:30 am Onwards

Venue: MIT School Campus


Science Made Easy Inter School Competition

SubthemePrize money
Everyday Science WondersWinner – Rs. 3000
1st Runner Up – 2000
2nd Runner Up – 1000
Local Flora and their ecological significance
Water Scarcity Solutions
Local Wildlife and Biodiversity
Subtheme (Junior)Prize money
Chemistry SimplifiedWinner – Rs. 4000
1st Runner Up – 3000
2nd Runner Up – 2000
Solar Energy Solutions
Local Agricultural Marvels
Traditional Medicinal Practices
Subtheme (Senior)Prize money
The Future of ScienceWinner – Rs. 5000
1st Runner Up – 4000
2nd Runner Up – 3000
Exploring the wonders of Space
Climate Resilience Strategies
Medical Advances

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