MIT VGS Loni Kalbhor enthusiastically observed Guru Purnima. According to the Hindu calendar, Guru Purnima is observed on the full moon day of the Aashaadh month. Hindus commemorate this day as Guru Purnima in honour of Rishi Vyasa, the author of the Mahabharata, whose birth occurred on this date. We require ‘Gurus’ to direct us in the right direction! In order to appreciate the efforts of the instructors, Guru Purnima is observed.

The day began with an engaging story-telling activity designed to teach the children about Guru Purnima. Children recited shlokas. In order to show their appreciation for their instructors, the students sang songs. Students made cards for their mothers – their first guru as it was a nice and heartfelt gesture. It was a special occasion that made them realise how crucial their parents, teachers, and grandparents were to helping them achieve their objectives for the future.

With laughter all around, the programme came to a close. The programme was enjoyable for the students, who will treasure the memories for a lifetime.

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