It is said true friendship is the greatest of all blessings. The students of Pre- Primary wing of MIT VGS Aurangabad celebrated Friendship Day with varied friendship day activities. “Friendship Day is just an opportunity to let our friends know that we value their presence in our life.” The day started with adorable kids wishing cheerily to their classmates “A happy friendship day”. The gleaming eyes and the broad smiles were enough to melt everyone’s heart. The day commenced with a friendship song followed by explaining the value of friends in our life through a PowerPoint presentation. Teachers also demonstrated the importance of sharing and caring. The teachers explained what it is like to be someone’s friend and understand the bond that two friends share. The tiny tots had a blast putting on their dancing shoes and shaking a leg to the beat. The motto behind the celebration is to develop important life skills like getting along with other people and sorting out conflicts and problems. The day concluded with tiny tots exchanging friendship bands with their friends.

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