“Preserving the Heritage – Promoting the Future.” Heritage Week is a celebration that focuses on promoting and preserving cultural heritage, history, and traditions. It is a great opportunity to educate the students about their local and global heritage, fostering a sense of identity, pride, and understanding of different cultures. MIT VGS Sangli celebrated Heritage Week, from 14 to 18 August 2023. A special assembly was held on August 14 by the students who pledged to protect and preserve the heritage of our country. Students of the primary section took part in the activities by collecting information about different heritage sites, participating in a quiz based on heritage, and making posters highlighting the importance of the preservation of Heritage. Students from various grades brought vibrance to the campus by dressing up to represent different states of our country. To develop speaking and listening skills, as well as to give children the opportunity to reflect on and develop their knowledge of a personality, students of grade V dressed up as freedom fighters and social reformers. The students of the secondary section showcased their skills by preparing necklaces from the stone age period, block printing on handkerchiefs, and preparing cuisines from different parts of the country. To spread awareness about heritage and its conservation, students were shown a video about ‘The Cholas’. Through Nukkad Natak and Skit, students tried to make society understand history better. The weeklong events were a huge success and they created a festive environment in the school and instilled pride in the hearts of all who were a part of the Heritage Week Celebration.

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