Mahatma Gandhi also known as the Father of the Nation in India, is remembered on his birth anniversary on October 2nd of every year. MIT VGS Barshi paid homage on this day to the man who stood for truth, non-violence, and the ideals of a free and united India. The event was a journey into the teachings and principles that shaped the destiny of a nation. The day began with a special assembly and the students pledged to commit to truth, non-violence, and the pursuit of a harmonious society. To delve deeper into Gandhi’s legacy students spoke about the significance of Gandhi Jayanti and Gandhiji’s philosophy. After the thought of the day, students presented the chronology of Mahatma Gandhi’s life. The school choir then performed a medley of Gandhiji’s favourite Bhajan. Students shared Gandhiji’s thoughts and performed a play about his Three Monkeys. A speech was given about Gandhiji’s life, principles, and his role in India’s independence. As a part of the cleanliness drive students of grades IX and X cleaned the school campus, parking area, and classrooms in pursuit of cleanliness, removing trash and waste echoing Gandhi’s emphasis on a clean and self-reliant India. It aimed to educate students about proper waste disposal methods such as recycling and composting. It also encouraged them to adopt personal hygiene habits such as washing hands. In quiet moments that follow the day’s activities, the school grounds echo with the footsteps of a new generation, one that carries the torch of Gandhi’s principles. The cleanliness drive had a positive impact on the students.

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