Our Curriculum Model

At MIT VGS our curriculum is designed to enable children to embrace challenges & become critical thinkers. All our lessons and interactions are centered on four pillars.
True learning experiences go beyond the simple recollection of facts and figures. With knowledge and understanding, we focus on both the process of learning and its final outcome. Students engage with standards-based content using individualized learning processes that help them apply what they learn to unfamiliar situations.


We take a planned and deliberate approach to ensuring that our students are not just happy and active members of society, but also purposefully working towards making the world a better place.


The way we think, determines the life we live, especially in today’s demanding, rapidly changing world. Therefore the attitudes our students adopt is crucial to their success. Collaboration, communication, creativity and innovation are a few values we instill in our students.


Character is an essential component of our curriculum. We engage our students in exploring the complexities of right and wrong, success and failure — rather than advocating any one position. Opportunities for character growth are presented in the classroom and beyond as our students engage with the community.