Palkhi is an ancient Maharashtrian tradition where devotees carry the symbolic palanquin of saints and embark on a spiritual journey. MIT VGS Solapur organized a vibrant and culturally enriching event to celebrate the traditional Palkhi festival. The event aimed to instill a sense of devotion, unity, and cultural awareness among the students. The celebration included a procession through the school corridors, led by the students of the primary section. The traditional musical instruments created a rhythmic and joyous atmosphere. Dressed in traditional attire, the students chanted devotional songs and danced, radiating a spirit of devotion and unity. The secondary section students added to the cultural vibrancy of the event with enchanting dance performances. As the day concluded, the students and teachers carried the spirit of the festival in their hearts, pledging to continue celebrating and preserving their cultural heritage. The joyful journey of devotion and unity experienced during this celebration will forever remain a cherished memory for all.

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