Students are part and parcel of the society, thus it is their moral duty to understand the problems that lies in the society. To sensitize students towards “Social Issues” VGS, Solapur organized a skit competition on 9th July, 2016. The competition was organized in the multipurpose hall of school.
Samveda house initiated the competition with their script on corruption. All 10 characters performed well in their respective role. The suffering of common man due to corruption is focused in this skit.
Yajurveda house presented their skits on “Farmers Suicides” and “value of girls”. The successive droughts lead farmers to suicides. This point is raised by this skit of farmer’s suicides. The skit on the values of girl’s shows different roles performed by the Girls/females and their caring natre. The dose of traffic rules and corruption in the respective department is depicted in their skit on “Corruption“by Rigveda in a sarcastic way.


Atharvaveda house presented their skits on “Save trees” and “save childhood” successively. This skit was greatly praised by everyone. In save tree skit, message to save greenery was given in first and burdening of childhood now a days is shown in later skit.
The “farmer’s suicide” from Rigveda and Pollution by Samveda are presented at end of program. They focus on subject indicated by the name itself.
Due to good use of props, music and being conceptually strong “Save trees” by Atharvaveda is given first rank and due to great role play by characters Yajurveda house’s “Corruption” got second.