Vishwashanti Gurukul School
Solapur, (CBSE Affiliation number:1130597)

Science Exhibition


Dec | 2019

MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul School organized the 45th Science Exhibition in association with the Zilla Parishad and the Science Centre, Solapur. It was a two-day event which was filled with various events. 
Day 1, 27th December 2019:
             On the first day of the exhibition, the Chief guests were welcomed by a band of musicians along with an enthralling performance of ‘Lezim’ by Grade VI students along the head boy and head girl. The guests were welcomed in a traditional style. The inauguration of the event was done by Mr.Prakash Waychal in an innovative way by sprinkling spray on a white sheet which reflected the words “Welcome to MIT School”. The flying of tricolor balloons with the mini rockets attached marked the official opening of the ceremony. There was a huge participation of students and teachers from 160 schools. 

The speeches were delivered by the dignitaries Mr. Prakash Vaychal –CEO of ZP Schools, Mr. Ashok Bhanje-Extension Officer, Mrs. Sulabha Vatare- Education Officer of Secondary Schools of Zilla Parishad and Mr. Rahul Das HOD of Science Department.

  The school was a mini hub of future scientists, researchers and inventors. Children from different schools came up with developmental ideas regarding their innovations including designing a smart city of their imagination. Various aspects like proper water utilization projects, fixing industrial wastes, alarms and security gadgets, mini amplifiers etc. were presented with great confidence and the ideas shared were indeed futuristic and practical too. Each student came up as a young creator and a developer of tomorrows’ nation but also reflected accountability and responsibility which was indeed impactful. The presentations made by the students were well thought and was presented with great confidence and zeal. 

Day 2 -28th December 2019

            On the Second day i.e on the 28th of December, Prizes distribution was held by the dignitaries. The winners were applauded by all and special motivational talk was given to all the young students regarding keeping the fire of knowledge alive within them. 

The Exhibition marked the auspicious gathering of mini scientists and science enthusiasts which was indeed a remarkable memory on one and all.