To teach students a creative way to handle non degradable wastes VGS, Solapur on 30th June, 2016 organized “Best Out of Waste” competition. The program was conducted by CCA department in multipurpose hall of school. The competition commenced at 9:20 am and concluded at 10:45 am.
The students participated actively and enthusiastically in this competition. The competition began with intra-house competition. The four house masters along with house members conducted first stage of competition and filtered two projects from each house for the next and final round.
The final round has eight contestants, two from each house. These participants are expected to represent their projects in front of judges and audience in two minutes. The creativity, Aesthetic sense, representation were few criterion’s used by the judges.

Rigveda house won first prize in secondary level for their marvelous on bangle stand and Primary for birds nest made from plastic bottles. Other houses put their hearts too. Audience applauded and praised all the presentations. The creativity of the students was at the peak in this activity.