Kinder garden / KG - Age – 2 years and above
Junior KG- Age – 3 years and above
Senior KG- Age – 4 years and above
Primary Section- Age – 5 - 11 years – Standard I - IV
Secondary Section- Age – 11 - 15 years – Standard V - X
Higher Secondary- Age – 16 - 18 years – Standard XI & XII (CBSE)

Kinder garten - No test for Kinder garten (KG), Junior KG, Senior KG and Std I. The school visit of both Parents & Children aims at observations of certain childhood skills to see the suitability of the child to start schooling.

Primary & Secondary Section - A written test would be conducted for all students submitting application forms for admission. Students will be admitted on the basis of admission test. The decision of the school authority will be final in each case regarding admission of any class.

Original Birth Certificate in case of KG and Standard I admission. Leaving Certificate from the previous school is required in the case of students seeking admission from Standard II onwards.

Fees to be paid by Demand Draft and ensure that receipts are collected against such payment. The school office will remain open from:- 9.00 a.m. (in the morning) to 6.00 p.m. (in the evening).

Bus charges are payable separately to obtain Bus Pass. Bus facilities for the Students will be supported by expert drivers and attendants. Bus will have all the safety equipments. Teachers will accompany the students in the bus for the comfort and safety of the students.

Uniform should be purchased from the School after paying the charges. Uniforms for the students will be made available at reasonable rates.