Vishwashanti Gurukul School
Pandharpur, (CBSE Affiliation number:1130434)

GURU POORNIMA Celebrations


Jul | 2018

GURU POORNIMA Celebrations………….an occasion to thank the ones who show the way.

The path of life has many ups and downs and it is always very uncertain what will happen next. That is why we need a Guru or a teacher to lead us to the path of righteousness so that whatever work we do in our life we do it the right way and we do not do any harm to others. Guru Purnima is one such day when the Guru or the teacher is worshipped for the work they have done for their disciples. This festival was celebrated with gust and galore at MIT VG School Assembly Hall on 31-7-2018.

The program commenced with the lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest Mr.Venkat, Principal, MIT Junior College and Mrs. K Suneetha, Principal, MIT V G School Pandharpur. Then, Mr. Vishal Vibhute sang the song for Gurus, wherein children followed him. Then Principal of MIT VG School Mrs. K Suneetha educated us about Guru Poornima and helped us to understand the difference amongst student, disciple, and the devotee.  She also explained the real meaning of the word Guru. Guru is a combination of two Sanskrit words namely “Gu” which means the darkness and ignorance in a person and the second word is “Ru” which means remover of the darkness. So the word Guru actually means the remover of the darkness and ignorance in a person. When a child starts to grow up the first thing that the parents do is send the child to a school. The main reason for that being they want their child to grow up to be a good person and a good human being. That is the work which the Gurus do. They try to transform a child into a good human being. This is also a big reason why Guru Purnima celebration in school is done every year to make us understand the role of the teachers in a student’s life.

Then Samruddhi from Grade 8 delivered a speech on the importance of Guru in our life. Then Video presentation was done to develop a better understanding of Gurus. Aditi Hasbe from Grade 10 recited the Kabir Dohas on the Relevance of Gurus in our life. Later Gurus were called for the Aati and Aukshwan Ceremony wherein the students put tilak on their forehead and did Aarti to them. Students showed their respect and reverence towards their teachers. Finally, the vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs. Jagriti Deshpande.

Those who contributed to the successful completion of the event included, Mrs.Rupali, Mrs. Pratiksha, Mrs. Rachna Mrs, Smita, Mrs. Manisha and Mrs. Kaveri.