Vishwashanti Gurukul School
Pandharpur, (CBSE Affiliation number:1130434)


Dates and Procedure

The admission process at MIT VGS is designed to enroll students of the highest promise both in academics and extracurricular activities. The dates and procedure for admission is as under:

Kindergarten / KG Age –3 years and above
Junior KG Age – 4 years and above
Senior KG Age – 5 years and above
Primary Age – 6 years and above


Original Birth Certificate in case of KG and Standard I admission. Leaving Certificate from the previous school is required in the case of students seeking admission from Standard II onwards. Adhaar card is required in all cases.


1. What is the age range?

3 to 18.

2. What is the curriculum offered in the School?


3. What music opportunities are available at VGS?

Students get to learn music through classroom courses, performance ensembles and private instruction.

4. Is VGS an affiliated school?


5. Will I have access to my child’s academic progress?

Yes through PTM

6. What is the average class size?


7. What are the school hours and what is the daily timetable?

9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday to Saturday -classes I – X, 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. -Monday to Friday- Pre Primary.

8. Where is VGS located?

In Pandharpur, the sacred temple town, in serene, pollution-free environment.

9. What transportation is provided to and from the school?

There are buses t0 pickup and drop students in a 30-35 km radius of the campus. All norms and safety measures are followed.

10. Can I visit the school?

All visitors must make a prior appointment with the admissions office.

11. What is the school’s policy on bullying?

Bullying is not tolerated at VGS.

12. Where do VGS students attend university after they graduate?

VGS students attend many reputed universities, including those of MIT Group.

13. What second languages does VGS offer?


14. What sports does VGS offer?

Basketball, table tennis, badminton, swimming, athletics, cricket, football and volleyball

15. How often can I visit my children in the hostel?

Parents can visit their wards on the 4th Sunday of every month. In exceptional cases, appointments can be taken with prior approval.

16. Is there a school uniform?


17. When does the VGS school year start and end?

School year begins in April and ends in March.

18. What health care is available at VGS?

The school has a health center with a residential doctor and nurse, 24 hours a day and has a tie-up for emergency care with a leading hospital.

19. How can I communicate with my child?

Via mail, phone or in person

20. Is there a required interview or admissions test?

Interview and admission test are as per the school’s policies. Details are available on request.

21. How do we pay the application fees?


22. My child wishes to complete his/her final year of secondary education (grade 12) at VGS. Is this possible?

VGS normally does not consider applications for admission to grade 12. Exceptions are made at the discretion of the Admissions Committee.

23. When should I submit an application for admission?

The admission process begins in September of the previous year. For example, the process for 20120-21 began on 1st September 2019.

24. Can I submit the required documents as they are completed?

An application is processed only after all required documents and application fee are received.

25. When will I know if my child has been accepted at VGS?

After the first interaction with the student and parents and submission of completed application and required documents, a provisional admission may be given. Confirmation is conveyed by e-mail and phone, within a week of the submission of original report card. Admissions depend upon the availability of seats.

26. Is there a waiting list?

There may be a waiting list where there are more qualified applicants than seats available.

27. Is the application fee refundable?


28. Does VGS accept students who do not speak English?


29. What security is provided at VGS?

There is 24-hour security on campus. All visitors are required to sign in at the reception.

30. What is the average length of service of staff at VGS?

Over 5 years

31. Does VGS conduct and participate in inter school activities?

Yes, VGS students do get to participate in activities within and outside the state.

Fee Structure