Vishwashanti Gurukul School
Pandharpur, (CBSE Affiliation number:1130434)

Beyond Books

Student Parliaments

Students’ Parliaments aim to:

  • Provide forums for children to voice their concerns through proactive involvement
  • Be a bottom-up movement for children’s duties and rights
  • Help develop the children as responsible citizens
  • Promote participation in governance in a fun-filled way

Clubs & Activities

There are various clubs such that cover nature, music, drama, painting and media. Yoga, quiz and dance are also undertaken.

Social Responsibility

Vishwashanti Gurukul Youth Wing is actively involved with adopting villages, which are visited by students and street plays are performed to create awareness. They try to understand problems and provide practical solutions.

Nature Club

The club members meet every Saturday and conduct activities.

Literary Club

The club encourages reading, creative writing and presentations every weekend.

Co-curricular Activities

MIT VGS recognizes that co-curricular activities should be an integral part of every student’s life. Our structured sports curriculum starts right from nursery with basics about balancing, walking and right posture. Subsequently sports such as football, volleyball, basketball, skating, swimming, chess, carom and tennis are taught under professional guidance. Karate, aerobics and Yoga form part of the routine.

Music, Arts and Crafts

Each morning, the assembly begins with the very meaningful World Peace Prayer. There are stipulated periods of music in a week. Indian classical and western forms of dances are also taught. In-house art competitions are held every month including pottery and origami.

English Language Communication, Speech and Drama

Special thrust is placed on English language communication. Professional guidance is provided to improve command over the language - written and spoken. Inter-house competitions are also held.

House System

This forms the basis for healthy competition. The 4 houses also have house boards, which are decorated by the students. Young leaders are born when house captains are selected.