Vishwashanti Gurukul School
Loni Kalbhor (CBSE Affiliation number:1130777)

Beyond Books

Beyond Books

Indoor and Outdoor Games

Physical activity is vital for a child’s development. Indoor and outdoor games are important towards this end. The campus provides facilities for sports such as football, basketball, cricket and swimming.


Our well equipped labs for math, science and robotics ensure that students get to explore new ideas. Social and language labs help students to understand languages in a different light.


Educational field visits help the students to explore various phenomena in real life by making learning experiential, leading to development of social skills. Students get to see the big picture.

Value Education

Education in its totality refers to the all-round development, along with a firm grounding in ethics. Value education inculcates honesty, patriotism and compassion.

Role Play and Dramatization

Role plays and drama help in the holistic development. Students are encouraged to present the concepts learnt, in the form of role plays.

Music and Art work

Music nurtures intelligence, emotional development, creativity and confidence. We encourage students to play a musical instrument of their choice. Art leads to expression of thoughts, and improves coordination, problem solving and critical thinking skills, leadership and communication.


Yoga means union of the self with the cosmic consciousness, resulting in peace, health and harmony. Our students practice Asanas and Dhyan everyday, which improves concentration, composure, posture, and strength.

Co-curricular Activities & Celebrations

Co-curricular activities are built into our curriculum. Focus is not on competition, but on participation. We celebrate various festivals to inculcate a spirit of belongingness, brotherhood and coexistence.