Juggling with numbers, playing with shapes and solving puzzles – the Maths Week was a five-day bonanza of fun-filled activities and competitions. Organized in the months of December, each activity was guaranteed to challenge the minds of our young learners and relate mathematical concepts to everyday life. Four students from each house were selected for the Mathematics Quiz that comprised of 6 rounds. The Quiz was conducted separately for the Primary and Secondary Section. Along with the winners of Maths week, students who have been winning accolades in various competitions were also appreciated in the school assembly. The Mathematics Week challenged and motivated the young mathematicians and showed them how to enjoy themselves while they learn. An Essay Writing Competition was held within the school premises for classes I to XI. The topic was use of Mathematics in our daily life. The GANIT week evoked curiosity and the innate expression of our students on the enigmatic and ubiquitous subject of Mathematics.