Beyond Books

Physical education and sports too share the learning platform equally. This School is intended to provide vast range of Sports like Cricket, Basket Ball, Volly Ball, Foot Ball, Kho-Kho and many more Indoor games like Chess, Carooms, Table Tennis, Badminton, etc… Yoga is also incorporated part of this curriculum under the guidance of experts.


A wide range of co-curricular activities across the year are also planned, Active participation in sports, cultural and intellectual activities help in building the personality, leadership qualities. As a part of their non-academic curriculum we also emphasise on social conscience. We believe that we have got the perfect balance to offer a holistic education and hope that your wards will be able to partake of this rich experience in their growing years.


Discipline and respect for elders go along with gender equality. We are trying our level best to offer a blend of academics as well as values to this future generation.