Makar Sankranti & Black Color Day Celebration @ MIT VGS Kothrud

The Pre-school section of MAEER’s MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul Schools celebrated Makar Sankranti and Black Colour Day in school on Friday, 13th January 2023. The students and teachers were dressed in black attire. The students understood the importance of the day through a PowerPoint presentation. They were engrossed in a video presentation, learning the reason kites are flown.

Focusing on the theme, the teachers planned an art and craft activity. The students participated and enjoyed decorating their kites. The students were happy to receive a sweet made out of sesame seeds and jaggery during snack time. The aim of celebrating this day, dedicated to the colour, ‘black’ and Makar Sankranti was fulfilled as their fine motor skills were developed through the activities conducted, while emphasising on the importance of the colour.

The primary section students of MAEER’s MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul Schools celebrated Makar Sankranti on Saturday, 14th January 2023 in the school premises. The students brought kites from home and enjoyed flying them. It was a warm breezy morning which made the experience even more enjoyable. They brought kites of different kinds and hues. Flying the kites together with their friends was a wonderful experience. The sky was filled with colourful kites. Through this activity, the students were made aware about the significance of the festival. All the students and teachers  enjoyed the activity.

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