Grade IV Field Trip to Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park

The students of Grade IV of MAEER’s MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul School, Kothrud were taken to the Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park situated in Katraj on Monday, 10th October 2022.

The zoo has a collection of reptiles, mammals, and birds. Among mammals, the zoo has a pair of Asiatic lions and a male Bengal tiger . Other mammals at the zoo included leopards, sloth bears, sambhars, deer, blackbucks, monkeys and elephants. Reptiles included Indian rock python, cobra, snakes, vipers, Indian crocodiles and Indian star tortoise and birds such as peacock, peafowl, black kite. The snake park has a large collection of snakes, reptiles, birds and turtles. There are over 22 species of snakes. This includes a 13-foot-long king cobra. Information about the snakes is provided in Braille, as well as more conventional formats, and the park includes a library.

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