Sanskrit Day Celebration at MIT VGS Kothrud

“The Sanskrit language, whatever be its antiquity, is of a wonderful structure”
– Sir William Jones

On the occasion of World Sanskrit Day, a special assembly was held on the 12th of August, 2022 in the school auditorium of MAEER’S MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul School, Kothrud.

The assembly commenced with a welcome dance performed by the students of Grades VI, VII and VIII. The graceful performance of the dancers was followed by the thought of the day. Sachi Parnik of grade VII gave a speech in Sanskrit regarding gaining knowledge. Asmita Deokar of grade VII gave the word for the day, followed by its meaning and sentence.

The students of grade IX entertained the audience with a humorous skit which was then followed by an endearing performance by the students of grades I and II where they recited a Sanskrit nursery rhyme. This was followed by the students of grades III, IV and V chanting the Subhashit Gayanam. Shreya Tonde of grade VII talked about the importance of the day. She reminded us why Sanskrit Day is celebrated, giving emphasis on the need to promote the language. The Principal, Mrs. Sharada Rao shared her views on the importance of working together towards reviving this language, which is rich in our cultural heritage which was then followed by the vote of thanks proposed by Apoorva Patil of grade VIII. The assembly ended with the National Anthem.

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