Heritage Week Celebration (Primary) at MIT VGS Sangli

Heritage Week was a seven-day-long celebration of everything artistic, cultural and natural about India. The Social Science Department organized the Heritage Week from 16th August to 19th August 2022 with an aim to raise awareness among students about the diversity of India’s cultural heritage and to sensitize them towards their role as the custodians of this cultural legacy.

As part of the celebrations, students from the Primary and the Senior sections experienced diverse forms of the country’s rich cultural legacy through well curated activities.

Day 1: Special Assembly was organized on 16/08/2022 where Mast. Yashraj Patil took the oath for it and Mast. Durgesh and Ms. Rajvi spoke about the Heritage Week. Students from Grade III were engaged in making marvelous models of different landforms, students from Grade IV participated in the Collage making Activity and Grade IX presented an engaging talk show on Temples and caves of Maharashtra and Odisha.

Day 2 : The young learners from Grades V and VII displayed their artistic skills through an array of posters and slogans. Students of all the four houses participated in the competition with immense zeal and enthusiasm and made beautiful posters which gave the message of preserving our cultural heritage. It was a great opportunity to watch these young minds creating and displaying their ideas on paper. Students from Grade VI displayed their skills by preparing things from ancient era and students from Grade VIII prepared the PPT. The students thoroughly enjoyed the activity.

Day 3: Students from Grades III to VI displayed their talents on the theme ‘Traditional Attire’. They dressed up as Maratha warriors, fisherwoman, traditional Bengali look, Kalbeliya tribe from Rajasthan, South Indian dressing etc. and explained about the speciality of our Indian culture and traditions.

Day 4: The School pulsated with the excitement generated by the Heritage Quiz conducted for classes VII and VIII on the 19th August 2022. A wide variety of questions from India’s built heritage, dance forms, geographical features, historical legacy, environment and related bio-forms were part of several interesting rounds of the Quiz. Students from Grade VII showcased beautiful models.

The Heritage week not only celebrated the diversity of our cultural heritage but also the vulnerability and the efforts required for the preservation of our tangible and intangible heritage.

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