Janmasthami Celebration @MITVGS Sangli

Janmashtami is the festival grandly celebrated by all the Indians it commemorates the birth of Lord Krishna. It showcases the love between his mother Yashoda and himself. Lord Krishna used to Steal the yummy butter made by his mother and Gopi and share it along with his friends. This shows that he was good hearted person who helped others and make them happy. In order to inculcate all these good qualities we the group of MIT VGS celebrated Janmashtami in which all the Tiny Tots were dressed traditionally as Radha and Krishna.

The teachers had displayed the slides and videos based on his life. Children participated in various attractive activities such as colouring the pot flute making and drawing Dahi Handi. Finally the little Radhas and Krishna enjoyed the dahi handi buy breaking the dahi handi.

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