Sanskrit Day Celebration @MIT VGS Sangli

The World Sanskrit Day has been observed in MIT-VGS, Sangli with the great zeal and enthusiasm. The idea behind celebrating The World Sanskrit Day is to pay homage to the greatest writer of all ages that is Kalidasa.

World Sanskrit Day is celebrated all across the country to promote the resurgence and preservation of this language. Sanskrit Diwas focuses on organising events around Sanskrit, such as lectures about the language, that aim to promote its revival. Full-day seminars are usually organised to talk about the importance of Sanskrit in order to promote and appreciate the language. The event was started with the welcoming of the Teachers and Students by our anchors, which is followed by the fabulous dance performance by Grade II Students and the speech on Kalidasa by Tanvi and Tanay.

The event was full of surprises and amazing literary treats which were planned to serve the audience and to remember the great scholar. The Skit Performance was left all of the audience flabbergasted since it was executed very nicely and the performers made it alive with their lively performance. Vedika, Sudnya, Mitali, Sanymee have recited the same with the proper gesture and tone which was appreciated by all.

Though it was not an end, the Subhashit recitation was arranged to console the souls of the audience since it has a power to do so. Shlok, Tanishka, Udisha, Harnish have recited the same with the proper gesture and tone which was appreciated by all.

Our little ones also showed the same zeal and energy in the participation since Saee, Drishti, Amulya have sung a Famous Song. Sanskrit Day is celebrated to promote and revive the ancient Indian Language Sanskrit. The importance of learning and knowing the Sanskrit languages is emphasized on this day. Sanskrit is also considered as the mother of Indian Languages. Sanskrit is said to be the first of the ancient languages spoken in India. Pradnya and Sanskar spoke in the Sanskrit language about Importance of Sanskrit Day.

Anchoring was done by Master Yashraj and the vote of thanks was done by Master Shourya by declaring the closure of the event.

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