Guru Purnima Celebration @MITVGS Barshi

The path of life has many ups and downs and it is very uncertain what will happen next. That is why we need ‘Gurus’ to lead on the correct path! Hence, Guru purnima is celebrated to acknowledge the contribution of the teachers. So, Who is the First and most important teacher in everyones life? It is their very own mother. Mother is the first and the best teacher. It is rightly said that “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”. It is the mother who sees the first smile on the lips of the child and makes it a permanent one with her teaching.

At MIT VGS Barshi, we celebrated Guru Purnima on Wednesday, 13th July,2022 in the KG premises. The day started with a Guru Vandana dance performed by Akshita from Sr.KG. The Guru purnima special story of Eklavya and Guru Droncacharya told by Ananya Tambile. The prayer was sing by Prem from Jr.KG. The teacher also explained the importance of Gurus in our life. Their was the sweet and touching moment when all the KG. Kids made greeting card for their mothers at school and their first Guru in who taught them all the good things.

Gurus are often equated with God and regarded as a link between the individual and the immortal. Guru’s role in the evolution of men is surely important. So now we know why MIT has kept alive the lamp of Guru tatva, year after year, it belief the Guru-shishya prampara or tradition. May our Gurus continue to shine and be the guides and the torchbearers of Society!.

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