National Doctor’s Day @MITVGS Loni

Doctors are saviours; hence, many consider them as next to God for their noble work. July 1 happens to be the birth anniversary of Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy – a renowned physician and the second chief minister of West Bengal and thus as a tribute to Roy’s contribution to the health sector and to acknowledge their contribution to the society July 1 is celebrated as Doctor’s Day in India.

Keeping the health of our students in mind and to celebrate the Doctors Day we at MIT VGS Loni organized a ‘Medical Check-up Camp’ for our students. The Doctors from Vishwaraj Hospital Dr. Amol, and along with their supporting staff were invited at our school campus to conduct the medical check-up for our students.

Each student received a medical file which mentioned their medical reports in it which included their height and weight followed by Optical check-up by Dr. Roma and Dental check-up Dr. Nikita.

Dietitian Dt. Rutuja and Dr Sharda guided the students to avoid junk food and to have only healthy food.

Pediatrician Dr Amol guided the students to do physical activity on regular basis and avoid fast food to remain fit and strong.

The occasion commemorates the spirit of doctors across the globe who work day and night consistently to ensure well-being of patients. Doctors play a crucial role in our society. They devote their lives to treating and helping patients with a speedy recovery from illness or any other health conditions. Doctors help us live life better.

Here’s wishing all these honourable life-saving professionals, as well as those who are on their way to becoming doctors, a great National Doctor’s Day 2022.

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