International Mud day celebration @MIT VGS Barshi

The Mud day is a day for children to connect directly with the mother earth. They feel the warmth of mother earth by lying rolling around and playing in the mud without any barriers. SMT. Prayag Karad Vishwashanti English Medium Highschool Barshi celebrated International Mud day on 29th June 2022. The purpose behind this was to bring the students closer to nature so that they create an incredible bonding with the nature we are blessed with..

The kids started off cautiously, mostly walking in the mud and splashing their legs a little. The students were involved in various activities- making mud toys, mud shapes, mud animal and many more.

All students enjoyed the mystic scent of earth beneath them. It was a treat for students to beat their feet in all kinds of mud and celebrate Mud day even though they created a great deal of mess for their mom’s (by getting all muddy). In fact, they got so muddy, they resembled earthen pots. It was a truly invigorating experience and students of MITVGS experienced the most magical way of celebrating the mud day.

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