Parent’s Day Celebration @MITVGS Sangli

MITVGS, Sangli ‘Parent’s Day ‘celebration. We had celebrated ‘Let’s be kids again’ in April 22 month.Today we all teachers and parents felt like celebrating ‘Let’s be kids again part -2’The day began with a Prayer to invoke God to shower each parent with abundant blessings for a long, happy and healthy life. Parents’ Day is celebrated to promote responsible parenting and to recognize positive parental role models. The day also observes the special bond of love and care between parents and

The program started with the Vishwashanti prayer and welcome song by all pre- school students with music. The flow of the program continued with our beloved Principal Madam’s speech.

Then we arranged funny games for parents and kids-

  1. Foot walk a child with their mommy or daddy.
  2. Ball game
  3. Tug of war
  4. Make-up activity
  5. Make your child ready for school competition
  6. Art and craft- Take away activity
  7. Dance

Lastly we concluded the program with vote of thanks. Parents and kids enjoyed the program with refreshment and by giving lovely feedback.

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