Students are part and parcel of the society, thus it is their moral duty to understand the problems that lies in the society. To sensitize students towards “Social Issues” VGS, Solapur organized a skit competition on 9th July, 2016. The competition was organized in the multipurpose hall of school.
Samveda house initiated the competition with their script on corruption. All 10 characters performed well in their respective role. The suffering of common man due to corruption is focused in this skit.
Yajurveda house presented their skits on “Farmers Suicides” and “value of girls”. The successive droughts lead farmers to suicides. This point is raised by this skit of farmer’s suicides. The skit on the values of girl’s shows different roles performed by the Girls/females and their caring natre. The dose of traffic rules and corruption in the respective department is depicted in their skit on “Corruption“by Rigveda in a sarcastic way.


Atharvaveda house presented their skits on “Save trees” and “save childhood” successively. This skit was greatly praised by everyone. In save tree skit, message to save greenery was given in first and burdening of childhood now a days is shown in later skit.
The “farmer’s suicide” from Rigveda and Pollution by Samveda are presented at end of program. They focus on subject indicated by the name itself.
Due to good use of props, music and being conceptually strong “Save trees” by Atharvaveda is given first rank and due to great role play by characters Yajurveda house’s “Corruption” got second.


To teach students a creative way to handle non degradable wastes VGS, Solapur on 30th June, 2016 organized “Best Out of Waste” competition. The program was conducted by CCA department in multipurpose hall of school. The competition commenced at 9:20 am and concluded at 10:45 am.
The students participated actively and enthusiastically in this competition. The competition began with intra-house competition. The four house masters along with house members conducted first stage of competition and filtered two projects from each house for the next and final round.
The final round has eight contestants, two from each house. These participants are expected to represent their projects in front of judges and audience in two minutes. The creativity, Aesthetic sense, representation were few criterion’s used by the judges.

Rigveda house won first prize in secondary level for their marvelous on bangle stand and Primary for birds nest made from plastic bottles. Other houses put their hearts too. Audience applauded and praised all the presentations. The creativity of the students was at the peak in this activity.


Memory is more than recalling information. It’s an important skill that can be developed and improve. Ability to remember is a major advantage. People with good memories are often seen as knowledgeable, smart, competent, and dependable.
On 23rd June 2016, ‘The Memory Game‘Competition was organized at the VGS, Solapur. The two staged game was arranged to test memory skills, and to motivate the students to build the same.
In the game, participants were asked to memorize few objects (Almost 25), which were kept together, after observing them for few seconds, they were asked to write the names of the objects, which they have observed on paper, in the given time. In first stage house master with the help of house teachers conducted the competition within their houses and selected four best candidates, two from first to fifth and two from sixth to ninth standard.
The sixteen candidates, who were selected in first stage, competed in second stage held in multipurpose hall in presence of Dr. Rakesh Ranjan, Principal.
Ms. Madhuri kole gave instructions and reminded the students about the criteria of evaluation to finalists in the beginning.
The result was announced on the next day’s assembly. Yajurveda house stood first while Samved and Rigved stood 2nd and 3rd respectively.
Students enthusiastically participated in this activity and enjoyed a lot.


Welcoming Ceremony


On the occasion of welcoming children back to school, after almost one month long vacation, teachers of VGS, Solapur conducted a special assembly presented by the teachers. It was conducted on the first day of their school, that is, on 16th June, 2016. Teachers had planned special assembly dedicated to the students.
The assembly commenced with the Saraswati Pooja. Mr. Rajshekhar Patil, Music Teacher sung the welcome song and the dance teacher presented welcome dance for the students..
Students of standard 6th presented the Thought of the day, News (State, National and International), Word of the day, they also recited the poem.
Finally, the assembly culminated with the singing of the National Anthem. All the students unanimously appreciated the efforts of the teachers.

Republic Day-26th January 2015

The 66th Republic Day was celebrated in all its solemnity and grandeur at MAEER’s MIT PUNE’s VGS Solapur on 26th January, 2015.

The students saluted the National Flag and pleaded themselves to upholding the honour and integrity, diversity and uniqueness of India.

The choir group presented the patriotic song “ Vijayi Vishwa Tiranga….. Sare Jahaan se achha…..” It was followed by the speech of students of pre primary and primary school students .

Mr. Parasaram Koli sir expressed his views and mentioned the importance of the constitution. In the speech Dr. Rakesh Ranjan sir mentioned the importance of Unity and democracy and how every individual can contribute to the same.
The students dispersed after snacks with the image of the fluttering tricolor in their minds.

Report of Activities conducted on the Occasion of 74th Birth Day of Prof. (Dr.) Vishwanath D. Karadji.-3rd February 2015

” On the occasion of 74th Birthday of the founder president of MAEER’s, Sarvadharmiya professor Dr. Vishwanath D. Karadji, an eminent educationist, thinker and a devoted and dedicated teacher, MAEER’s MIT PUNE’s VGS Solapur organized series of activities on 3rd February, 2015. The Day started with the morning assembly and the very first activity was “Value Inculcation Through Cartoons”, This activity was inaugurated by the VGS, Solapur Principal Dr. Rakesh Ranjan. Dr. Karadji is a firm believer of Shri Swami Vivekananda’s teaching and he strongly propose that “Union of Science and Religion alone bring peace to the World” Dr. Karadji tries to practice it in his every action. VGS Principal Dr. Rakesh Ranjan has shared brief history of MIT as well as teaching of Dr. Vishwanath Karadji. All the students have participated and enjoyed. “Value Inculcation through Cartoon “Couple of Cartoon characters were selected for these values. Values have been inculcated through the characters of Cartoons for Eg. Krishna, Chota Bhim, Motu Patalu, Ninja Hatodi. Principal Sir also talked about the importance of Values and how from cartoons we can learn the values.

The second programme was “Cleanliness Campaign” at Khandoba Temple, Bale. Students from 4th to 7th and Junior College students were taken to the Khandoba Temple, Bale for cleaning the temple area. Cleanliness campaign was inaugurated by the Nagarsevak of Bale Mr. Subhash Dange , the Chairman of Khandoba temple Mr. Chandrakant Pujari and Ex Sarpanch Mr. Sunil Bapu Patil and VGS Principal Dr. Rakesh Ranjan. All the students and teachers have participated in this campaign.

It is also said that “Healthy Mind lives in a healthy body” to ensure the same VGS had organized Medical Camp. Dr Salunke and Dr. Asif has examined the health of all the students. In this way series of activities were organized successfully with the help of all the teachers. “